Photographer: Julian Pertout

Who Am I?

Sam Martin, (He/Him) is a Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Gay/Queer creative producer and director exploring ideas of the many facets of identities, inclusivity, navigating English and Auslan, and empowering and encouraging Deaf, disabled and queer communities.

He has worked and continues to work within theatre and film with a range of exciting projects in 2021. Sam is passionate about creating diversity, inclusion and pride especially within the Deaf Queer and broader disability community.

He is heavily involved in Deaf, Queer and Deaf and Queer communities and is currently the Vice President of Deaf Rainbow NSW .

In 2020, Sam participated in two theatre programs; Midsumma Pathways by Midsumma and Your Space run by Melbourne Fringe and Darebin Arts. He also engaged in an online residency at Clocktower Centre as part of his Sam I Am Melbourne debut show with Antipodes Theatre.

In 2020 on International Day for People With a Disability (IDPWD), Sam (Director) along with Rebekah Ward (Producer) and Danni Wright (Writer) were successful applicants for the Screen NSW Screenability Program. Their project, Deafying Gravity – a documentary focused on Katia Schwartz, received $30,000 funding for completion in early 2021.

In 2021, Sam has launched a range of theatre and film works. 

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